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Art popping up all over Tacoma

Preview of three upcoming shows

“Smoking in the Garden,” painting by Marilyn Bedford. Photo courtesy of the artist

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Pop-up galleries are the latest thing all over the country. Pop-ups feature art exhibitions that are usually of short duration and often in non-commercial venues such as private homes or vacant storefronts. In Olympia, the premiere pop-up gallery is Allsorts in the home of artist Lynette Charters and actor John Serembe, which over the past few years has shown much of the best art to be seen in Olympia. Now another pop-up has appeared. Called Front Porch Pop Up Gallery and run by South Puget Sound art appreciation teacher Nicole Gugliotti, it opens June 29 with its first show, an exhibition of works on paper by Dory Nies.

Nies' works on paper are inspired by cells, seeds, textiles and technology, and range from traditionally framed works to installation and sculptural paper works and objects. Seventy percent of any sales will go to RAICES, a human rights organization working to reunite immigrant families. The exhibition opening will be Friday, June 29. Food, wine and house-brewed kombucha will be served. There will be music by Dan Meuse and Elliot Anderson.

Next up will be the 2018 Southwest Washington Juried Exhibition at South Puget Sound Community College. Many of the South Sound's best and most well-known artists will be showing. Tacoma artist Lisa Kinoshita is showing a mixed-media and video installation called "Visitation," done in collaboration with John Carlton about Tacoma's true-life mascot, Jack the Tacoma Bear. Jack lived at the grand Tacoma Hotel during the 1890s and was known for slipping out of his pen and visiting a tavern where he would drink beer from a mug with his paws. He coexisted well with and was beloved by local Tacomans, but startled a policeman in the financial district one day, and the policeman shot him. Kinoshita describes the video as "a montage of surreal images a bear might see as he leaves this world."

Susan Aurand will show a series of paintings with related nature images stacked three-up and painted in her signature photo-realist style. Aurand's paintings are meditative and marvelous to look at.

From her popular Missing Woman series, Lynette Charters will be showing "Three Races Muses" and Gauguin's "Muse Holding a Fruit." In this series, she comments on women's roles in the history of art. (As artists, women have historically been overlooked, but are seen often as models, usually without any clothes). Charters "disappears" the women in her appropriations of famous paintings by leaving their silhouettes as unpainted shapes on the wood panels she paints on. She will also be doing a talk along with other artists during the reception July 12, 6-9 p.m.

Other well-respected regional artists to be included are Doyle Fanning, Mary McCaan, Jason Sobatka and Sharon Styer.

Paintings by Marilyn Bedford will be the next show at Allsorts. Bedford paints everyday objects, such as swimming pools and pillows with broad, brushy strokes in acrylic on canvas. Many of the paintings veer toward the abstract to the point at which viewers might need the titles to hint at recognition of the subject matter. But in reality, the subject matter of these atmospheric paintings is never the pillow or smoke in a garden, but is color, line and shape.

Dory Nies opening, 6-9 p.m., June 29, Front Porch Pop Up Gallery, 1916 Washington St. SE, Olympia

"2018 Southwest Washington Juried Exhibition," July 9-Aug. 23, South Puget Sound Community College, Kenneth J Minnaert Center for the Arts Gallery, 2011 Mottman Rd. SW, Olympia,

"Paintings by Marilyn Bedford," 5-7 p.m., July 13-14 and July 19-22; reception July 15, 4-7 p.m., Allsorts Gallery, 2306 Capital Way S., Olympia

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