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SOTA Intern Blog: Last Day

Goodbye, farewell, we shall miss all of you! Three weeks is cruel amount of time to spend in an internship, but hey, it's better than none. We only just got attached to everyone here, when suddenly we are ripped unceremoniously out and thrust back into cold and unforgiving high school. We

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SOTA Intern Blog: Day 10

Well it's getting to be that time now, our three weeks is almost up, and we will soon have to depart the exciting world of journalism and go back to the drab world of arts high school. But don't worry, you will get a sappy farewell tomorrow. Today we ventured into the

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Inside Tricky’s Pop Culture Emporium

THE WAL-MART OF ANTIQUE STORES >>> Only about 0.001 percent of the population would actually go looking for the kinds of things you will find in Tricky's Pop Culture Emporium in Tacoma. Nevertheless, I insist everyone on the planet must visit, even if only to see with your own eyes that such

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SOTA supports Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign

WALKING WITH PURPOSE >>> On Friday, Jan. 21, a group of 60 students from Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA) and Stewart Middle School defied logic and common sense by braving the rain and walking in support of Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign. The 6.6-mile walk was the culmination of the

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SOTA Intern Blog: Day 8

OH, THE IRONY >>> Happy Monday, world. Which delightfully means hours and hours of Happy hours! We've been given the task of calling about 150 bars in the South Sound, updating the Weekly Volcano's Happy Hour database. Yes, we've realized the irony of having high school interns calling bars, pubs, and clubs,

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The SOTA Intern Blog: Day Five

As Anne attempted to get to her walnuts (sometimes, Tupperware is really smarter than us), we pondered what to write in this blog. It's not that we're boring or anything, we just care about giving our readers top-notch blogs to read. So, in dedication to you, we want to wish

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The SOTA Intern Blog: Day Three

HOW SWEET IT IS >>> Victory has come! We are the proud owners of a temporary 1 inch x 1/4 cm section in the Weekly Volcano's masthead in print with our names on it! The beautiful words are now forever ours, "Interns: Megan Adams, Anne Anderle." Right beneath the section labeled

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Muslim Capitol Day meets SOTA

PLAN AHEAD >>> Racism and prejudice toward the Muslim population is a hot-button issue that the Council on American-Islam Relations has devoted its time and energy to tackling. CAIR will be hosting their annual Muslim Capitol Day 2011 fundraiser from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Jan. 17 on the State

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The SOTA Intern Blog: Day Two

Today, the wonderful world of the Volcano was filled with proofs, pizza, press releases and the awe of watching the newspaper come together for print. While the staff was hustling and bustling, we were given the task of updating the Concert Alert, assuring everyone that the Volcano's list of concerts

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The SOTA Intern Blog: Day One

EDITOR'S NOTE: For the next three weeks the Volcano will have the privilege of corrupting two fresh-faced interns from the Tacoma School of the Arts. The Volcano participates in SOTA's internship program on a yearly basis, and every time we're amazed by the talents and skills the interns come equipped

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