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3010 6th Ave
Tacoma, Washington 98406
(253) 301-0546

Credit Cards Accepted, Live Music
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Weekly Volcano Review Reviewed by: Brett Cihon

Like many, I went through a short hookah phase in my late teen years. I recall many nights spent lounging around my buddy's apartment, a big group of friends passing around the hookah hose while discussing the merits of an extended trip to the Amazon. Maybe some reggae playing; maybe more than one pipe to smoke. Good times, good times.

Although those days are behind me (I've since set down the pipe in lieu of a beer can), I take a trip to Sixth Avenue's new Venus & Mars hookah lounge. Located within the Smoke Depot smoke shop, Venus & Mars' streamlined interior certainly blows away my old stoner hideout. A totally revamped back room has vaulted ceilings, red walls and fancy rugs. New couches and tables, too. No beanbag chairs and crinkly posters of Bob Marley here.

One has to a sign up for a $20 membership to smoke at Venus & Mars. For the under-21 crowd looking for a casual spot to spend the evening, twenty bucks could be a steal. But this old-timer hates to plop down that kind of cash.

Especially when I notice the drink bar lacks anything alcoholic.

Thankfully, I don't need a drink or two to ease me into tonight's Meat Market. Why? Because I've brought a date with me, that's why. Knowing hookah as a social event (can't be that weirdo eyeballing everybody with a hose in your mouth), I planned ahead and invited a romantic interest. Good thing, too. Venus & Mars' just opened last week. Though I can someday see this smoker's den as a young person's pickup spot, tonight Venus & Mars is very low key. A well-dressed group of young people celebrate a birthday. A couple groups of collegey-looking dudes have a massive smoke blowing contest. Other than that, not much action.

My date and I order a tasty shisha flavor and take a seat. We split a can of Coke. We listen to the hip-hop coming out of the speakers. Just smokin' and chilling. Not a bad way to puff away an evening.

Hours: Mon - Thu: 8:00 pm - 2:00 am; Fri - Sat: 8:00 pm - 3:00 am; Sun: 8:00 pm - 1:00 am

LINK: March 2012 revisit

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