Saturday, May 22: Makeing Tents

Le Voyeur Cafe and Lounge

By Rev. Adam McKinney on May 19, 2010

To intentionally misspell a word makes me very uncomfortable. For a band to utilize a misspelled word is, to me, almost as bad as creating an unpronounceable name (!!!, for example). So, it's with a slight cringe that I write to you regarding Makeing Tents. And just now, Microsoft Word tried to correct me. Despite the band turning up their nose at the English language, Makeing Tents is deserving of attention. Creating music that they refer to as "electro-wilderness" - a term that denotes the mashing together of folk and electronics - the band frequently finds and presents arresting moments that result from the collision of musical viewpoints. Now, if only I could convince them to borrow my copy of A Writer's Reference. Meet me half-way, Makeing Tents.

Making Tents

With Soft Paws and Thought Bandit
Saturday, May 22, 10 p.m., no cover
Le Voyeur, 404 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia