Wednesday, April 29: We Will Be Lions


By Rev. Adam McKinney on April 24, 2015

We Will Be Lions are a shapeshifting wonder. Listen to "When Your Skirt Hits the Floor," and it sounds like the parallel universe where David Bowie ended up fronting Pulp; play "Burn Me Like a Disco," and they give the Flaming Lips a run for the title of most anthemic psych-rock band this side of Pink Floyd; "Sunflower" effortlessly finds its groove and drives you down a Springsteen-esque highway littered with psychedelic roadside attractions where drums are laser-powered and the desert is too expansive to even begin to contemplate. They trade in stomping and shaking your mind into submission, and it's a thrilling thing to experience. We Will Be Lions are the biggest band not to get big yet, and it would be a huge mistake to miss them taking the stage at the gothic wonderland that is Obsidian.

WE WILL BE LIONS, w/ Fruit Juice, Holy Komodo, 9 p.m., Obsidian, 414 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia, $5, 360.890.4425