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TIKI LOGIC: The DT's and I Love Myselfs at The New Frontier

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The DT's play The New Frontier Lounge in Tacoma Friday night.

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It's a new week, which means it's time for a new installment of Bobble Tiki's South Sound music news and notes column. Without further ado, let's get rolling.

Well, lo and behold, Bobble Tiki didn't get drunk and make a total jackass out of himself at last week's Volcano Best of Tacoma 2010 Premiere Party. Whadda ya know? Didn't see that coming.

What Bobble Tiki DID see coming was an extremely impressive bill headed to Tacoma's The New Frontier Lounge Friday night, featuring the retooled and rejuvenated Twink The Wonderkid, and the Dignitaries, along with the totally noteworthy DT's and I Love Myselfs.

While Twink The Wonderkid and the Dignitaries have already received ink in the Volcano about this show (and deservedly so), Bobble Tiki thought it might be worthwhile to take a moment and look into their partners on the bill.

This show, you see, is a rare all-around winner.

The DT's - and, no, Bobble Tiki isn't talking about the shakes he gets when he accidentally runs out of boxed wine - are a maximum R&B, garage rock outfit from Bellingham, and if you don't know the band by name, you may well know the band by its players and their previous endeavors.

To be succinct, the raucousness of the DT's was set in motion by guitarist Dave Crider, who created the band along with Diana Young-Blanchard in late 2001. Crider, as you may know, has a resume that includes Mono Men, Watts, and the creation of Estrus Records. Young-Blanchard is known for her jaw-dropping voice and songwriting, specifically with the band Madame X. The two had been longtime friends, and according to the band's bio, created the DT's "with heavy influences of 70's-style-hard-rock, injected with a flavorful dose of soul sensibility, likened to that of greats like Otis, Al, and Ike & Tina to name a few."

The results have been spectacular. One need only reference the Filthy Habits record, which the DT's recorded with the great Jack Endino, to understand. According to Reylan Fernandez of the Dignitaries, the DT's "rarely play out, let alone in Tacoma." Keep this in mind.

The I Love Myselfs, besides having one of the 10 best names ever (in Bobble Tiki's humble opinion), is a true-blue rock and roll band, the kind Tacoma should have no trouble getting behind. Much like the DT's, this is an act that hasn't oversaturated the South Sound - quite the opposite, really - so a chance to see the I Love Myselfs in person, live and in the sweaty, cocky, classic rock styled indie/garage flesh, is a chance not to pass up. The skuzzy rock-child of two high-octane local guitars, the Riffbrokers' Eric Olson and the Young Sportsmen's Ryan Maxwell, the I Love Myselfs have been described as a "blistering mix of AC/DC meets Nirvana rock."

While Bobble Tiki's not sure if he totally agrees with that assessment, as it seems a little simple-minded, nonetheless, he agrees with its sentiment. The I Love Myselfs are worthy.

So, there you have it. You already knew about Twink The Wonderkid and the Dignitaries. Now you're schooled in the ways of the DT's and the I Love Myselfs.

Go forth and rock tomorrow night at The New Frontier.

Bobble Tiki will see you next week.

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