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WHAT'S THE WORD?: Meet Mr. Tak

Tak Patron is on his game

MR. TAK: He opened a martial arts studio in east Tacoma. Courtesy photo

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One of the more successful rappers from Tacoma is Tak Patron. Tak has steadily gained true respect from the streets, his lady fans and now nationally. Slowly but surely, with a steady grind of thinking man hustle; he's calculatingly taken chess-like steps to advance his career. What Patron has done is created a prosperous life for himself in the hip-hop/entertainment world. His path has been an interesting, bumpy, choppy road full of unique twists and turns.

Here it is.

Many people know different sides of Patron. He's a man with many talents. Patron first entered the hip-hop game as a Tacoma gangsta MC with a lot of charisma. He quickly rose to the top as a street MC with skill. However, he felt this type of music was only getting him so far. There was a certain crossover level he was looking for that he could not find while performing his hardcore hip-hop. Being the shrewd thinking man that he is, Patron realized there was a larger market for a happier, more club-friendly; party-type of hip-hop aimed more at his lady fans. This equation worked. He became the premiere party guy in T-town. Patron went from making hardcore street anthems to making stripper girl dance tracks. Then he took his music on the road. He found the right type of music that gave him the fortune he desired.

After throwing so many huge parties and shows throughout the city, Patron decided to take his marketing and promoting skills to a new level. Patron hit Las Vegas. He promotes and markets entertainment in Vegas like a fisherman fishes in Alaska. Meaning, he makes so much cheese working in Vegas that he only has to do it every now and then. He comes home and does the daddy thing. It's a situation similar to fishermen working stints of time in Alaska.

To go along with his new behind-the-scenes gig, Tak Patron now goes by Mr. Tak.

Marketing and promoting are not the only fields where Mr. Tak's intellect shines. Dude is a supplemental instructor of psychology at Tacoma Community College. He has a Masters Degree in Psychology and was on the National Deans List for Honors. Mr. Tak regularly does canned food, medical supplies, water, and winter clothes drives for various charities and causes. To bring it all home, Mr. Tak and his brother, Mixmaster Lok Skywalker, have opened a martial arts studio on East 44th and Portland Avenue in Tacoma. They teach Tae-Kwon-Do, Judo and Aikido.

Mr. Tak is The Man.

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