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Monte Cristo

Affairs Cafe & Bakery

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The Monte Cristo is the unholy union of a ham and cheese sandwich, a fried turkey leg and a powdered jelly doughnut. It's like something you'd eat at the Puyallup Fair, right down to the ridiculous, pseudo-royalty name.  The only thing missing is the stick. Located in University Place, Affairs Café & Bakery offers said sandwich as well as other delicious sandwiches that allow the weary to immediately replace any calories they expended dodging the city's constant street beautification. In fact, Affairs serves the best Monte Cristo in the South Sound region. Cut into fours, their version stacks the ham, turkey, cheddar AND Swiss between egg bread which is then dipped in an a Grand Marnier egg batter, grilled golden brown, dusted with sugar and served with raspberry jam on the side. The four chunks surround a salad of wild greens with your choice of dressing. 

[2811 Bridgeport Way W., University Place, 253.565.8604]

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