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GI Bill/TA lets you do self-paced schooling

Do school on your own schedule and get it covered

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Do you want to go back to school, but not on someone else's schedule?  However, in the past, you thought the GI Bill and Tuition Assistance didn't count for self-paced programs?

You can earn that certificate, associates, bachelors or master's degree on your own schedule using your military education benefits. You are in control of your schedule and the pace at which courses are completed. And unlike any other type of degree program, your prior work experience can assist you in passing courses quickly.

With self-paced ...

• You access coursework, textbooks and study materials completely online.

• Move quickly through material you already know – graduate ahead of schedule.

• Receive an accredited degree at a fraction of the cost, with financial aid available.

• Move at your own pace as your schedule allows – no specific start dates or deadlines.

Ready to make a career change into business, teaching, nursing or even criminal justice?  Attend an info session about self-paced programs using military benefits online for free - HERE.

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