H&R Block services available on JBLM

Company offers 10 percent discount at on-base offices

By J.M. Simpson on February 20, 2020

There is a connection between every military member serving at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) and the tax preparation company H&R Block.

"We are here to support the military members and their families with their tax matters," wrote Tina Whitson, district operations coordinator, for H&R Block.

In a letter written during World War II to his brothers, 1st Lt. Henry Bloch talked of the business they could start once America switched from a war economy to a "catch up" economy.

By 1955, Henry and Richard Bloch began to advertise tax preparation services as a courtesy to some of their business clients.

Realizing and capitalizing on this opportunity, they soon launched H&R Block and quickly become a leader in consumer tax preparation.

"We now have offices in all 50 states and around the world," continued Whitson, "and we are honored to serve the military community."

H&R Block serves nearly one in every four active-duty military personnel and has over 100 offices located on military bases worldwide.

Additionally, approximately 10 percent of its workforce is comprised of former military personnel or spouses of service members.

"We specialize in military taxes as well as all state returns," continued Whitson, "and we offer a 10 percent discount on the tax preparation fees at the on-base offices."

There are three H&R Block offices located at JBLM.  

A permanent office is located at 2202 Liggett Avenue in the mini-mall parking lot near the car wash.

Just inside the Shopette on JBLM North at 11566 41st Division Drive is a seasonal office, and another seasonal office can be found near the entrance to the McChord BX at 504 Barnes Boulevard.

"We have experts in all tax areas," added Courtney McAninch, an H&R Block office manager.

"If the preparer you are sitting with doesn't have the particular knowledge for your tax situation, we have someone who does."

Every tax return prepared by H&R Block receives the company's 100 percent Accuracy Guarantee. 

Moreover, H&R Block offers a "second look" return review of any tax return not prepared by it.

"We will review it for free," explained Whitson, "and a matched return will carry the H&R Block 100 percent Accuracy Guarantee. If we find errors on a return, the client will have the option for us to amend the return with a fee."

H&R Block offers different filing options to meet their client's needs, and clients can work with a tax professional in person at the office or online.

"We are here for you," added McAninch.

To help H&R Block prepare service members' tax returns, it is beneficial for them to bring the following:

"We are able to answer any questions and are proud to support our military members 100 percent in their tax filings wherever they might be," concluded Whitson.