Visit Northwest Trek

Meet rescued moose calves Atlas, Luna and Castillo

By Claire Nunn on March 2, 2023

Located about a 50-minute drive from Joint Base Lewis-McChord is Northwest Trek, a wildlife park that offers an up close experience with Northwest nature and wildlife. And there is truly no better time to visit than right now with their recent introduction of their three rescued moose calves. 

Atlas, Luna and Castillo were born last spring and arrived at Northwest Trek in August after being abandoned in Alaska. Up until Jan. 27 they were kept off public exhibit in order to help them adjust to their new homes. Now when you visit the park you can catch a glimpse of the adorable calves during your Wild Drive or Keeper Adventure Tour. 

The Wild Drive allows park guests the opportunity to drive through the 435-acre forested free-roaming area and see caribou, moose, the three moose calves and more from the comfort of your own car. A reservation is required to participate in this part of the park at $70 per vehicle (up to eight people) and includes park admission.

Keeper Adventure Tours give you the same up close and personal experience in the keeper's jeep while also enjoying the keeper's stories. It's important to note that the Discovery Tram Tours are currently paused while they prepare their new electric trams coming in 2023. This means, at the time being, the above two options are the only ways to visit the free roaming area. 

Walking paths are also part of the Northwest Trek experience with trails winding through the park allowing guests to visit Northwest bears, canines, cats, birds and more. The Cheney Discovery Center features smaller critters such as Northern Leopard Frogs, Pacific Tree Frogs, Toads and more. 

One of the best parts of the park is all the opportunities for your kids to burn off some energy. Their Kids Trek section of the park allows your littles to climb, jump and slide in a nature-inspired playground. Also, the paved paths allows them to enjoy the forest scenery of the park and access is included in the admission fee.

Hungry? The park's cafe offers lunch and snacks. Or pack your own food and enjoy the picnic pavilion. 

Plan ahead and save a few bucks with online ticket purchases. Adults are $22, Seniors (65+) are $20, Youth (5-12) are $14, Tots (3-4) are $10, children two and under are free. However, the best deal is the previously mentioned Wild Drive for up to eight people where you can reserve and purchase a ticket for $70 that includes park admission for everyone.

NORTHWEST TREK, open 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Friday-Sunday; closed Monday-Thursday through March 31; check online for their extended spring and summer hours, 11610 Trek Dr. E, Eatonville,