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Point Defiance Flower & Garden Festival: A botanical extravaganza

Point Defiance Park transforms into a floral celebration June 1-2 during the Flower & Garden Festival. Photo credit: Metro Parks Tacoma

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The Point Defiance Flower & Garden Festival, scheduled for June 1-2, is set to transform Point Defiance Park into a vibrant haven of flora and creativity. This annual event, eagerly anticipated by gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, promises a weekend brimming with botanical classes, crafts, tours and more. The festival is free to attend and features six different ticketed opportunities. Ticketed events are now available to purchase meaning attendees can now secure their spot at this immersive celebration of nature's beauty.

An immersive garden experience

The festival, which sprawls across the picturesque landscapes of Point Defiance Park, including the Rose Garden, Japanese Garden and Pagoda, offers a plethora of activities designed to engage and inspire visitors. From self-guided tours of the park's renowned gardens to interactive workshops led by horticultural experts such as Ciscoe Morris, Sue Goetz and Marianne Binetti, attendees will have ample opportunities to deepen their understanding of gardening techniques and botanical artistry.

Highlights of the festival

One of the festival's standout features is its diverse array of ticketed events, catering to various interests and age groups. The lecture series covers topics ranging from container gardening tips to discussions on sustainable practices like human composting. For those inclined towards hands-on experiences, workshops such as mounting a staghorn fern or crafting a miniature terrarium offer creative outlets amidst the natural splendor of the park.

Culinary delights and artistic endeavors

Beyond the botanical realm, the festival boasts a vibrant vendor area showcasing local artisans, nurseries, and culinary delights. Attendees aged 21+ can indulge in wine and beer tastings while soaking in the serene ambiance of the Rose Garden during the evening's happy hour. Additionally, artistic expressions take center stage with a ticket purchase to one of the Pain and Sip programs. 

Planning your visit

With expectations of a substantial turnout based on last year's success, organizers advise securing tickets early to avoid missing out on this enchanting experience. Limited parking underscores the importance of considering alternative transportation options such as public transit or carpooling.

Event details

  • Where: Point Defiance Park, with activities spanning the Rose Garden, Japanese Garden and Pagoda.
  • When: June 1-2, with a range of activities scheduled throughout each day.
  • What: A celebration of gardening, art, and nature featuring self-guided tours, workshops, lectures and more!

Join the floral celebration

As the Point Defiance Flower & Garden Festival beckons, enthusiasts of all ages are invited to immerse themselves in a weekend of botanical wonders, artistic expression and horticultural discoveries. Whether strolling through enchanting gardens, learning from experts, or crafting botanical masterpieces, attendees are sure to find inspiration and delight amidst the blooming landscapes of Point Defiance Park.

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