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NeuroStim TMS expands

New Lakewood facility to help more patients beat depression, anxiety and PTSD

The Lakewood NeuroStim TMS team. Photo credit: Courtesy NeuroStim TMS

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NeuroStim TMS, a leading provider of transcranial magnetic stimulation to patients in the Pacific Northwest, recently relocated to a larger facility to help individuals in the Lakewood-Tacoma area.

"Moving to a larger facility is a great milestone for the whole NeuroStim team," said Walt Guidice, NeuroStim's CEO. "The fact that we need a larger facility illustrates that TMS is working for our patients, and we are excited to welcome more ... to learn how TMS can help them improve their outlook on life and start living life to its fullest again."

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS Therapy, provides treatment to patients struggling to overcome symptoms of depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and similar disorders.

NeuroStim TMS provides this treatment to patients for whom medication has not been effective with a non-invasive, non-sedating, FDA approved alternative depression treatment. A non-invasive procedure, it uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain in order to treat symptoms of depression.

Clinical trials at the Walter Reed Medical Center, the Mayo Clinic, the Universities of Stanford, Harvard and Johns Hopkins have proven the treatment to be safe and effective.

Among the patients treated at NeuroStim TMS Treatment Centers in the Pacific Northwest since 2018, over 70 percent improved by 50 percent or greater, and 46 percent experienced a complete remission of their symptoms.

"Many of the people who come to us are beaten down by symptoms," explained Guidice. "They've talked to their doctor, they've tried medications, they've tried to push through, and they're not sure what to do. However, when they experience TMS Therapy it often completely transforms them."

The new and largest NeuroStim TMS facility is located at 9116 Gravelly Lake Drive SW, Suite 102 in Lakewood, Washington. The facility is next to its old location.

Dr. Nick Weiss will oversee the new facility as medical director. A psychiatrist and graduate of Harvard Medical School, he has over two decades of experience in diagnosing and treating mental illness.

"I was once a huge skeptic about TMS treatment," Weiss mentioned. "But I have seen if often work wonders in my patients when everything else failed, so I have become a huge believer and advocate for TMS."

NeuroStim TMS prides itself on providing patients with the highest standards of care and respect throughout eight clinic locations in the Pacific Northwest. Having performed over 90,000 TMS treatments since 2018, NeuroStim TMS is one of the nation's leading TMS providers.

To learn more about NeuroStim TMS and how their state-of-the-art TMS Therapy can help relieve mental health symptoms, call (888) 963-9467 or visit


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