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Shelter at home

Things to do without leaving your home

Kids can visit the San Diego Zoo from the comfort of home. Stock photo

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Quarantine snacks all eaten, multiple seasons of TV shows already binge watched and now you're left staring around your house trying to figure out what to do. Let us help with things you can do without leaving your house: 

  • Scholastic is offering free daily learning at home to ensure your kids stay busy and learn at the same time. Visit to check it out!
  • Get Otter here, this is too adorable!  Monterey Bay Aquarium may be closed, but they have several live cameras that still let you interact with the animals. Including their otter cam! Visit
  • During a time like this, 94 hours of puppy and kitten content is exactly what everyone needs! And exactly what Animal Planet will be airing until Saturday night. Visit
  • If you've been wanting to take guitar lessons, but haven't had the time, now is the time! BONUS: Fender is offering three months free guitar lessons! Visit
  • Take a trip to the nation's best zoo without having to leave your house! San Diego Zoo has several live animal cameras set up to view their exhibits from the comfort of your couch. Visit
  • No need to load up the camper or the car, YellowStone National Park allows you to virtually tour their park from anywhere in the world. Visit to start virtually hiking today!
  • Story time at home just got better with these children's books read by famous people. Visit to start hearing favorite children's books read by celebrities.
  • Delish is chalked full of recipes to cook and live streams of cooking classes to keep your kids entertained. Visit to start whipping up some delicious recipes. 
  • While it's not possible to physically visit top sites around the world, The Met Art Museum's 360 tour allows you to virtually visit exhibits while at home. Visit
  • Rock out in your living room daily! Check out for daily updates for online concerts you can attend. Same great music, no risk of being crushed by a mosh pit. Rock on!
  • Visit for tips and tricks to keeping up a workout routine during this time! Just because gyms and recreation centers are closed, doesn't mean you can't get creative at home. 
  • Create statement pieces for future outings! Shipwreck Beads has thousands of beads available to allow you to use this time to create jewelry masterpieces. Visit to start shopping.

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