Who’s moving to the neighborhood?

Noteworthy new additions to Tacoma’s Stadium District

By Christina Butcher on October 18, 2018

Tacoma residents be on the lookout: one of your neighborhoods is changing and you're going to like the outcome. We're talking about Stadium District, a small and charming pocket of Tacoma located between the North Slope and Hilltop neighborhoods. Stadium District, which is anchored by Stadium High School and Wright Park -- two locales that unquestioningly evoke "Tacoma pride" -- is a hodgepodge of low-key residential and commercial activity. But with recent additions and changes to key businesses in the neighborhood, it's becoming increasingly clear that the tempo in Stadium District is about to pick up.   

One of the most notable changes in Stadium this year was the closure of Tully's Coffee in February. The closure left a coffee cup-sized hole in the heart of many Tacoma residents ... one that didn't get filled until Anthem Coffee (102 North G St.) moved into the neighborhood in August. The coffeehouse is located on the ground floor of the newly built Stadium Apartments and only one block from the former Tully's Coffee. It's the sixth, and newest, of Anthem's storefronts, and it boasts ample space for meetings or hangouts, local artwork on the walls and a similar menu to that of its downtown counterpart.

If you're wondering what business moved into the former Tully's Coffee space, you'll be delighted to learn it's Salamone's Pizza (24 North Tacoma Ave.) The new pizzeria boasts authentic, New York-style pizza served by the slice.

"It's amazing to live and work in the same community," said Salamone, owner of Salamone's Pizza and native of Brooklyn, New York. "My children attend Annie Wright Schools ... and my family and I love Tacoma. We love Stadium District."

Another new addition to Stadium is Janku Land Vintage Clothing and Record (218 St. Helens Ave.) located next to King's Books. It's housed within King's Books' space, although a dividing wall was recently erected down the center of the bookstore to separate the two businesses.

"It's ... great," said sweet pea Flaherty, owner of King's Books. "I'm calling it ‘a corridor of geekiness' because you'll be able to browse comics, books and records. There's a natural overlap of customers between what our three businesses offer."

Patrons of King's Books, the still-adjoined Destiny City Comics and Janku Land are able to walk freely from one business to another via inner, joined entryways.

"Stadium District is a very lively district," said Flaherty. "There are a lot of people moving to and walking around in the district, but there's not a lot of retail business -- it's mostly restaurants and bars. So, having another retail space will be great because it will make the neighborhood more of a destination."  

As if pizza, coffee and records weren't enough to excite most Tacoma residents, McMenamins' Elks Temple is also expected to open in Stadium in early 2019. The boutique, resort-style hotel will emerge after extensive renovation of the Tacoma's historic Elks Lodge on Broadway. The building sits at the boundary of Tacoma's Stadium and Downtown districts, next to the infamous Spanish Steps (which allow for easy access between the two neighborhoods). McMenamins' Elks Temple will include 44 guestrooms, three restaurants, a McMenamins brewery, on-site garden and event space for live music. With no other hotel in the neighborhood to compete with (the closest will be Hotel Murano, located in downtown Tacoma), Elks Temple is poised to become a powerhouse of entertainment and economy in Stadium.