Madigan’s community service investment

Medical team provides sports physicals for underserved children

By J.M. Simpson on September 11, 2023

President Abraham Lincoln observed that a child is an individual who is going to continue what a society values.

This belief was recently acted upon by a team of medical professionals from the Madigan Army Medical Center's, Department of Family Medicine's Family Medicine Residency when it recently provided free fall sports physicals to 198 students at Tacoma's Lincoln High School.

"It was open to junior and senior high students," commented Dr. Armando Quiroz, a staff physician in the Department of Medicine at Madigan, "and we did this to increase the number of underserved school aged children and adolescents in school sports participation." He added that there may be a winter sports physical as well.

Quiroz and his team worked with students who face challenges in completing physicals in order to participate in school sports. He said that the physicals allow these children to participate in fall sports which can provide the following benefits:  

"This is a community service investment," continued Quiroz, "and it's about Madigan Family Medicine caring for our community's families."

Tacoma Public School officials were impressed by the free sports physical event and the professionalism of Madigan's medical personnel.

"We are deeply appreciative of the growing partnership with Tacoma Public Schools and we look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you in the future," wrote Tacoma School District administrator James Neil in an email. "Thank you for your invaluable support, and please convey our appreciation to your entire team for their hard work and dedication."

President Lincoln would have agreed.