JBLM Exchange named winner

Top PXs, BXs awarded COO X Award, Building the Bench Award and Services Cup at MSM/GM Conference

By Marisa Conner on April 20, 2023

The MSM/GM conference kicked off on Monday with the presentation of store awards, including the COO X Award, the Building the Bench Award and the Services Cup.

COO X Award

The Chief Operating Officer's X Award is presented to one main Exchange in each of the size categories (super, large, medium and small) for operational excellence. Factors include earnings, MILITARY STAR® usage, gross margin return on investment and inventory variance.

"With so many fantastic stores and associates, it was a very tight race this year," said Exchange Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jason Rosenberg. "These stores deserve all the accolades for taking care of their shoppers and strengthening the organization."

The 2023 COO X Award winners are:

Super: KMCC (Europe)

Large: JBLM-Main (Western)

Medium: Aviano AB (Europe)

Small: Fort Irwin (Western)

Building the Bench Award

The Exchange is focused on ensuring the benefit for the current military community as well as future generations of military leaders, veterans, retirees and families. This means preparing associates for success as they continue their careers with the Exchange.

The Building the Bench Award is given to one Exchange in each region based on mentoring initiatives; diversity and inclusion initiatives; associate retention rate; Retail Management Academy and Restaurant Operations Management Academy participation and graduation rate; and human resources marketing efforts.

Eastern: Fort Gordon/Dobbins ARB

Central: Fort Riley/McConnell AFB

Western: Fairchild AFB

Europe: KMCC

Pacific: Okinawa Consolidated

"The Exchange is only as strong as its next generation of leaders," said Exchange Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Dr. Patrick Oldenburgh. "These Exchanges are keeping their eyes on the future and making sure their associates have the tools they need to advance."

Services Cup

Services and vending are critical to the Exchange's ability to serve a diverse and changing customer base. The Services Cup recognizes one Exchange in each size category for improving the shopper experience and increasing sales through services offerings.

The winners of the 2023 Services Cup are:

Super: Fort Hood (Central)

Large: Nellis AFB (Western)

Medium: Spangdahlem AB (Europe)

Small: Selfridge ANGB (Central)

"Services is a key factor in the organization's success, and an area we are focused on growing," said Services and Food Senior Vice President Darryl Porter. "The winners of the Services Cup have stepped up and delivered superior services to their shoppers."