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Getting haunted in the South Sound

A look at three spine-tingling scary attractions -- and one that’s not

To get spooky or to not get spooky this Halloween? Frighthouse Station is beckoning. Photo credit: Frighthouse Station

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Plenty of people use Halloween as an excuse to doll themselves up and hit the town in their best "sexy" get-up, whether that's as a sexy doctor, a sexy librarian, or a sexy Babadook. Being that you're a Weekly Volcano reader, though, we know you've spent the rest of the year doing that. Change things up and scare the daylights out of yourself at some of the South Sound's reliably overachieving haunted houses!

Paradise Theatre of Lost Souls very helpfully assembles a comprehensive list of some of the spooky attractions in Washington state. They even include scariness ratings, so you know what to expect. The Paradise Theatre of Lost Souls is listed as "Scary" -- a good place to start!

Situated in Gig Harbor, next to 7 Seas Brewery, the Paradise Theatre of Lost Souls advertises itself as "10,000 square feet of frightening indoor fun," which is helpful info to have on hand. You want the attendant ghouls and maniacs to really have the space to move about and inflict unspeakable acts on the innocent souls who wander through.

Paradise Theatre of Lost Souls, through Nov. 1, 3110 Judson St., Gig Harbor, $8-$22, 253.851.7529,

My Morbid Mind Haunted House

Moving on from the Scary to the Very Scary, we find ourselves stranded, out of gas, and seeking shelter at My Morbid Mind Haunted House. And I know, I know, all we want to do is go skinny-dipping, but put your shirts back on and let's take a look inside.

My Morbid Mind Haunted House is located in an old barn in Lacey, and it's built a reputation for being the kind of no-nonsense horror attraction that modern haunted houses have been veering toward. Rumor has it that, at least in the past, there has been what's been referred to as a "crazy 3D room." Teens and adults are recommended for this one, so children or those who own feinting couches may want to try the kids-friendly nights.

My Morbid Mind Haunted House, through Oct. 31, times and ticket prices vary, 4548 Marvin Rd. SE, Lacey, 360.455.3330,

Frighthouse Station

Frighthouse Station has no listing on, and thus no scariness meter, which must make it the scariest of all, for what is more terrifying than the unknown? What we do know is that Frighthouse Station is located in Tacoma's well-worn Freighthouse Square, and they share the Cryptkeeper's fondness for spooky puns.

Given access to a building so big and narrow, Frighthouse Station is bound to make use of the long, dark corridors and tucked-away rooms that Freighthouse Square has to offer. Think of it as a nightmarish foot race, where you get confronted with your greatest fears along the way, and emerge on the other side a shattered person. Fun!

Frighthouse Station, through Nov. 2, $13-$17, 2501 East G St., Tacoma,

Double R Farms

Hey, when it all comes down to it, maybe we just want to look at some pumpkins and go on a hay ride? Is that so wrong? Running from moaning zombies and psycho clowns is downright exhausting, and surely your kids are tiring of it as well. Lucky for us, Double R Farms has the coveted "Not Scary at All" listing on, which is frankly a relief.

Double R Farms, based in Puyallup, has a corn maze, pumpkin sling shots, gorgeous views of Mount Rainier, and refreshments! Maybe all those other haunted houses were just terrible dreams? The only way to find out is to split up, so if you'll go investigate that rickety shack, we'll go check out the abandoned hospital.

Double R Farms, through Oct. 31, corn maze admission $5, 5820 44th St. E, Puyallup, 253.227.5385,

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