Vacation season

How to be a great houseguest

By Gwyn Nielsen on May 10, 2018

Are you traveling this summer and planning to stay at someone's home? The relationship between guest and host or hostess can sometimes be a delicate one. Here are a few ways to be a fabulous houseguest, so you can be sure to be invited back again and again.

Keep in mind that just as no two relationships are alike, no two situations are alike. You know your host best. The following are general simple rules intended to keep your status as "(Name here), is a fabulous houseguest."  Most of these things come naturally and without thought. 


Dietary restrictions


House rules

Most likely your host will give you a house tour. The key is to be observant and blend into the routine of the household. If your host doesn't give you a tour, ask your own questions once settled. 

Lend a hand

Your gracious host has worked hard to accommodate you in the midst of his or her regular routines. Ask your host how you can help.

Personal space 

Give your host a break. Plan a minimum of two hours of personal space for every day you are visiting. Here are a few ideas for the "two-hour rule":  Plan an excursion or go for a run, walk or a hike. Retire to your guest room and read a book, work on a project you brought along or take a nap.


May your visits with friends and family be filled with joy and wonderful memories of time spent together. 

Gwyn Nielsen is a military wife, volunteer, public speaker and founder of