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PG is for Breakfast

Pacific Grill introduces breakfast burritos

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It’s a lovely breakfast option. Its large windows are perfect for watching the traffic craziness; the delicious coffee and free Wi-Fi keep the place busy. And now Forza Coffee in Lakewood offers three types of breakfast frittata burritos prepared by Pacific Grill: Black Forest Ham and Egg, Italian Egg and Sausage, and the Bacon, Potato and Egg. All priced just over $5.

All three, please! I’m talking ingredients such as vintage white cheddar and fontina cheeses, pesto, apple-smoked bacon, coriander, crème fraiche and on and on.

And hey, these aren’t tiny burritos. They’re big enough for a horse. Let’s just say they’ll keep you going until you finish going through your emails and need to head back up to the counter to order lunch, which Pacific Grill also provides.

Currently, Pacific Grill provides burritos for five Forza corporate stores, including the Lakewood store at 8813 Edgewater Drive close to the Oakbrook neighborhood.

Pacific Grill owner Gordon Naccarato smiles when discussing his food wholesale side business.

“We just added the food account at the Cutter's Point Coffee Shop next to K-Mart at Sixth and Orchard in Tacoma,” explains Naccarato. “We also are wholesaling salads and some other things to Johnnie's Dog House at the Weyerhaeuser Aquatic Center in Federal Way. Business at Pacific Grill has been ahead of last year for five straight months in a row. And ahead of two years ago, which was our best year ever.

LINK: Gordon Naccarato’s Chef's Blog

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