Coffee party, Olympia style

Olympia Coffee Roasting Company has reason to party

By Nikki McCoy on November 15, 2012

Olympia Coffee Roasting Company is one of Olympia's Godsends. The roasting house helps state workers crank through Excel files, it adds bounce to college students' steps and it puts a smile on everyone's face that comes through its front door.

A staple in the downtown community since 2007, OCR has been in the hands of Oliver Stormshak and Sam Schroeder for nearly two years.

Along with a talented team of coffee geeks, Stormshak and Schroeder brought the all ready reputable company to a new high last month, earning top honors in Roast Magazine's 2013 Micro Roaster of the Year Contest. 

"It's awesome," says Stormshak. "We've been working hard. It's a validation for the long days and the world travel for resources."

Sourcing is important to Stormshak. OCR's website boasts its search for exceptional coffee takes it around the world and "leads us literally to their doorsteps."

The term "coffee geek" is not taken lightly around OCR; it is the epitome. It not only goes to the ends of the earth for organic fair coffee, it's obsessively cleans its operating equipment to a spotless shine. It also insists on freshness - not allowing a bean that is more than a week old to be on the shelf. "Each coffee is roasted daily to highlight the ‘taste of place' that is unique to each farm and origin," states its website.

The previous stated awesomeness was included in the essay it submitted for entry into Roast Magazine's contest. Stormshak says the company placed emphasis on its commitment to corporate values and giving back.

Once OCR was accepted, the roasters had six hours to create a drip blend.

"Part of the craft of being a great roaster is being able to create a great blend," says Stormshak.

Obviously, the blend was a winner.

OCR was also recently honored in America's Best Espresso Contest at the 20th annual Coffee Fest in Seattle placing fourth overall in espresso, beating out the grandfather of northwest espresso, Espresso Vivace.

Sounds as if a party is in order.

OCR will celebrate its major awards, and second year in business, Thursday, Nov. 15 with a bash featuring Olympia indie garage band duo, The Maxines.

"We're going to party in the Olympia coffee way," says Stormshak. "We'll have two coffee stations and an espresso bar, good music, tamales and a few other perks and surprises."