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By Jackie Fender on March 12, 2020

Sometimes a foodie fueled rumor will hit my desk while details are still being hashed out -- like, say the Peaks and Pints' annual Tournament of Beer is swiftly approaching! Think March Madness, but instead it's a hop-fueled bracket system pitting beer against beer in the ultimate beer battle. If you're a true brew lover, you've probably already signed up for the Peaks and Pints newsletter. If not, you should. Not only so you can stay tuned to their beer-focused festivities but for fun beer banter and more. Have I ever steered you wrong? 3816 N 26th St., Tacoma,

Lovers of the fermented grape juices know the name Kris Blondin. She was once the owner and operator of STINK Cheese and Meat, and before that Vin Grotto Café and Bar. She has spoken candidly about her business ownership adventures and has taken the stage during foodie events such as the Taste of Tacoma and the Tacoma Holiday Food and Gift Festival. Her newest venture, along with business partner Jack Noble, Amitie Wine Company has finally arrived. Kris intimately understands how food and drink bring people together and Amitie was created with this in mind. Think tasting room and wine club, featuring a carefully curated selection highlighting diversity in style and price range for your every day to special occasion vino needs. Go find out for yourself. 1130 Broadway, Suite 204, Tacoma,

Pi Day is nearly upon us. I'm a lover of fake food holidays, not that I need an excuse to indulge, but I like one. March 14 (3.14) is the day you should indulge whether you prefer pies of the sweet, fruity filled and flaky crusted variety, or the savory pizza pie type, loaded with marinara and pepperoni cups -- there's no shortage of locales to celebrate at. I'm still mulling over my itinerary for the day -- because I like both pies to an excess.

I am the type of person who pays attention to local events. I like to keep my ear to the ground, mix and mingle with my fellow culinary adventurers, and keep the masses informed on gatherings they may be interested to do the same at. That said, I've noticed (as I'm sure you have) that due to recent health concerns, events are being cancelled or postponed left and right. It's an uncertain time for our community and it's effecting many businesses. I can understand being cautious, scoring the value pack of hand sanitizer and staying home when you're not feeling well. (What's with the toilet paper hoarding though?) I can also understand that so many of us are suffering from pre-existing conditions that increase how serious the current situation can be, and risking your wellbeing and safety is a true concern. That said, know this, most restaurants provide food on-the-go options whether from a third-party app or something in-house -- and sanitation and cleanliness are at an all time high among food workers. If you feel unwell, or hesitant to go out, support your favorite local establishment with a little love. Order out, or if you're feeling well and not at a high risk, dine in! Right now, many small businesses need your support. Don't be shy. We've got this.