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7707 Pioneer Way,
Gig Harbor

American, Bistro
Credit Cards Accepted, Full Bar
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Reviewed by: Melissa Renahan

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The restaurant, located just up the street from the waterline, is welcoming from the minute you walk in. With exposed brick, a full front wall of windows, art deco light fixtures and purposefully placed eye-catching photographs the entire room feels abuzz with energy - and not just because there are few open tables on a Saturday night.

Once we made it to our table, we were presented with complimentary glasses of champagne to sip while we perused the menus. Of course, the offerings at Brix 25º can stand on their own without an alcohol incentive, but who turns down an unexpected bit of bubbly? The answer is no one since every table was gleefully indulging.

Food-wise, I started with the wilted arugula salad ($8) and couldn't have been happier. The naturally-peppery greens were lightly covered in a mustard vinaigrette and balanced with warm golden raisins, thick cuts of bacon and toasted pumpkin seeds. The grilled tiger prawns ($9) didn't offer the same spectrum of flavor, but the prawns were cooked perfectly (firm, not mealy) and the risotto cake and jalapeno jam did manage to add kick to each bite.

Reservations in the dining room are usually necessary on the weekends, regardless of party size. Though, with happy hour every night from 4:30 to 7 p.m. (all night on Saturday), you can certainly stop in for just a quick drink. Though be forewarned, there some treats only served in the bar, plus the full menu is served in there ... so you may be tempted to stay for a bite.


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