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900 Meridian Ave. E.
Milton, WA 98354
(253) 927-2341


Credit Cards Accepted, Kid-Friendly, Take-out

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Reviewed by: Adrienne Kuehl

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Readers were asked to name the best, the tastiest, the most fantastic sandwiches in the South Sound to compete in the Tournament of Sandwiches. The people have spoken, and Oliver's Sandwiches was crowned grand champion.

Voters love Oliver's lobster sandwich ($7.99), a hearty concoction of lobster, crab, tomato, lettuce and cucumber served warm on a toasted bun. Owners Matthew and Jennifer Nguyen credit their devoted customers for the win. ""Our customer base may be small, but it's loyal." He said.

With 60 sandwiches on the menu, as well as Vietnamese sandwiches, pho, burgers,  and salads and, variety runs deep at Oliver's. Matthew gains inspiration from watching food television, as well as his daily life.  

Matthew's favorites include the Gladiator ($8.99), loaded with deli meats and cheeses Italian dressing and vegetables. When asked what his favorite sandwich is, Oliver, now 5, has a decisive champion in the Philly cheese steak ($7.49).

Customer Kelly McNett spoke high praises of Oliver's. "I like the atmosphere and that they're a small business," she said. "They're personable and always ask me how I'm doing and how my family's doing. Plus, you can't beat the prices and the flavor."

Since winning the Tournament of Sandwiches, Oliver's has been seeing a lot of new faces. They're planning on updating the décor of the restaurant, and will continue to satisfy their regulars and new customers alike. "We make a sandwich with love," says Matthew. "If it looks good and tastes good, then it is good." And so the cycle of sandwich continues.

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