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2220 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98403
(253) 272-4814

Beer and Wine Only, Outdoor Dining, Take-out
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The Review

Reviewed by: Rev. Adam McKinney

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Rarely can sandwiches be brought up in Tacoma without someone intoning the reigning champions known as the Magical Sandwich Makers. Anyone hesitant about the bravado implied by MSM’s title is instantly put in his or her place via a meaty, mustardy smack in the mouth. MSM is a prodigiously gritty slab of that very particular Tacoman antisociality. Contained within what is ostensibly a convenience store, the sandwich makers act as a kind of oasis. More to the point, the convenience store almost seems like a front for the sandwiches.

I don’t need to convince you to come to MSM based on any merits other than the food, but a ginormous (it’s a real word now) selection of microbrews in the fridges that line the walls doesn’t hurt. Grab a sandwich and a beer and head to the back room where there are tables and a television. It’s the strangest vibe. I’ll never forget getting smashed last year while watching the Vice Presidential debate in that back room, full of friends and strangers all yelling at the screen.

But now to the matter at hand. The sandwich in question is known as the “BBC”—beef, bacon and cheddar. But oh, my friends, it’s so much more than that. First, the bread. Bread is perhaps the most important factor in the success of a sandwich, and the BBC does not disappoint. Soft, slightly chewy French bread surrounds a stack of deliciousness comprised of roast beef, cheddar, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, onions and the all-important bacon. If that sounds pedestrian to you, A. you don’t deserve this sandwich, and B. you must understand that it’s all in the execution. This beast is two fistfuls of messy goodness, accompanied by a quaint pickle spear. I dare you to ask for more.

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