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3801 South Yakima Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98418-5020
(253) 472-6668

Credit Cards Accepted, Vegetarian-Friendly

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Reviewed by: Ken Swarner

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Why We Go: When we wish to dine in another world, slightly Third World, steamy, exotic, Asian - as if out of a movie - Vien Dong in the Lincoln District fits the bill. Vien Dong envelopes the senses. The atmosphere takes us immediately to Vietnam without passing go. We pick one of the mix-match chairs, dodge servers moving quickly about, and wish 38th Street would transformed into a Saigon side alley.

What We Eat: Start with iced French pressed coffee and sweet condensed milk - the classic Vietnamese coffee made to perfection. Sip while perusing the extensive menu - the descriptions are nearly as fun to read as the food is to eat. For a sure thing, order the red curry with prawns. Hot and hearty, the meal combines well with the hot summer weather. The soups are delicious. Vien Dong understands culinary craftsmanship.


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