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BITE US: Santa Silvia, Jimmy John's

The good word in the South Sound

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Santa Silvia

You know that shoebox you’re currently using to store your Very Important Piece of String and the Equally Necessary Plastic Fork?  The one labeled “Tool Box”? Well, ’tis the season to put your pack rat tendencies to good use. Transfer the contents of your “Tool Box” to that plastic-lined container you keep in the kitchen and fill up the shoebox with toys. Then visit El Gaucho Tacoma, dump the contents into bartender Silvia Tapia’s gift sack, grab your box, and repeat. Keep visiting Tapia with more toys until Dec 24.

Once again, Tapia is holding a toy drive to benefit the children at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. Drop by El Gaucho Tacoma with toys for the kids, and then Tapia will deliver all the toys Christmas morning. It’s a win, win — and something everyone can feel good about.
Then, after all of that, go buy yourself a new pair of shoes so you can replace the box. — Suzy Stump
[El Gaucho Tacoma, 4- 11 p.m. daily, 2119 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 253.882.0009]

Jimmy John’s

So, there’s a Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches over by the mall now — it’s been there for a little over a year, I think. Spending time at JCPenney in preparation for little baby J’s birthday, I was reminded of this fact. Jimmy John’s is basically a franchise sandwich joint that’s a step-up from Subway, similar to Quizno’s — and at least three steps down from Tacoma’s own MSM Deli.

Counter service, fountain sodas, booths for dining in and delivery service to go orders are offered.

Choose from 8-inch subs for $4.85, club sandwiches on 7-grain wheat or French bread for $5.85, and lettuce wraps that are the same price as clubs or subs.

For meat and potato types, Jimmy John’s offers what are called Plain Slims — subs with bread and meat only.

The best deal is The J.J. Gargantuan, aptly named for its massive size, and decently priced at $7.85. This Italian sub is packed with five meats.

Chips, big pickles and cookies are also available.

Pluses: Bread is baked fresh daily; sandwiches are made extremely fast.

Minuses: It’s by the mall, meaning the location can be difficult, parking scarce and the delivery driver may block you in. — Jake De Paul
[Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, 4027 Tacoma Mall Blvd., Tacoma 253.471.3000]

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