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December 22, 2014 at 10:12am

Served Blog Banner Girl: Q&A with bartender Tanya Chapman-Hedstrom of Engine House No. 9

Tanya Chapman-Hedstrom, aka Bandito Betty, will served you an IPA with a side of whiskey while she recaps the movie, "Over the Top." Photo credit: Pappi Swarner

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Every week we swap out the Served banner art above, introducing you to the people who serve food and drinks in the South Sound. This week, meet Tanya Chapman-Hedstrom.

Server Banner Girl, Dec. 22, 2014-Jan. 4, 2015

Tanya Chapman-Hedstrom

By now, you're probably familiar with Tanya Chapman-Hedstrom. You most likely didn't know 16-year-old Tanya when she served food at the Ponderosa Steakhouse in the greater Chicago area. She has horror stories from those days. You might have met her while she served food and drinks at the ParkWay Tavern, Puget Sound Pizza, Doyle's Public House and a few other Tacoma joints. Maybe you know her as Bandito Betty, a name she received while riding shotgun with former Weekly Volcano writer Steph DeRosa as they caused trouble around the South Sound from 2007-2012. Today, Tanya is happily employed by Tacoma's X Group Restaurants - specifically tending bar at the Engine House No. 9.

Why do you serve?

"It's like having a social life ... that I get paid for. I don't get out much these days with the little one so it feels good to still be part of the scene - even if I'm on the clock."

Who is your favorite server in the South Sound?

"Ricky at O'Malley's. He knows what I want without having to ask me and he always has fantastic stories about the night before."

What are you most proud to serve?

"We always have a great selection of hard-to-get beers and some customers are like a kid on Christmas when they see the handles. I always get a thrill when a regular walks in and I know we just tapped one of his or her favorites."

What's your current drink of choice?

"IPA with a side of whisky. I'm a simple lady. Or something like that. ..."

Favorite movie?

"Over the Top. My dad and I watched it all the time, but my mom hated it. Arm wrestling and truck driving? What's not to love?"

What don't you serve?

"Bacardi 151. Luckily, we eliminated it from our stock. I've said it before and I'll say it again: anyone trying to order it is a douchebag."

What's on your radar at Engine House No. 9?

"The bar remodel and additional tap handles. Someday ... it will happen."

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