Natasha's Fourth of July recap

By weeklyvolcano on July 6, 2006

Natasha_20Here are Nasty Natasha’s Top 10 ways to get your swerve on for the Fourth.

1. Go to Doyle’s and start drinking Stella during the standing-room-only amazing World Cup game. Make fun of the people who were rooting for Germany.
2. Make your move to Ruston Way and park your car three miles away from the Freedom Fair. High five yourself for wearing comfortable flip flops.
3. Take your first pit stop at the Ram garden because it’s the first one you get to.
4. Drink more beers in Duke’s garden and dance to country music even though you hate that noise.
5. Shimmy over to the Syren garden. Get alleged “margaritas” that are more firewater than mix because the bartender has a crush on you. Forget that you’re drinking them because you’re surrounded by a gaggle of boys who collectively give themselves mohawks on Ruston Way every Fourth. Laugh, laugh, laugh.
6. Go back to Duke’s for the excellent view of the fireworks from their deck. Celebration shots are mandatory.
7. Drink more beers inside Duke’s to keep warm.
8. Go back downtown. Have your friends pick you up at Duke’s because drunk driving kills.
9. Have some final Fourth nightcaps at Doyle’s.
10. Crash at your friend’s apartment near there, and do the walk of shame to the bus in the same outfit from the night before.

God bless America.