Pints and Quarts and Lacey, oh my!

By weeklyvolcano on July 6, 2006

Natasha_19 SCENE OF THE CRIME by Natasha
Busting out of your regular scene is important. 
The good news about that?  Lacey is just a stone's throw away from Tacoma.
There's one place in particular there that shivers me timbers: Pints and Quarts.
Your mother truly had the right idea when she trained you to mind your Ps and Qs.
Angela, my homie from college, bought a condo in Lacey a couple of years ago.  I'd never been to that city before in my life, but she convinced me that this particular spot was the bull's-eye.
The most interesting angle on Pints and Quarts is that it's a former 7-Eleven convenience store. That's some funny s@#%. They even retained the refrigerated space for the beverages with the glass doors, but instead of grabbing your Gatorade, the bartenders serve up a wide array of bottled beers and, as you could infer from the name, scrumptious beers on tap. They also have a full bar, which makes it tough to not sneak in a couple of redheaded slut shots or what has now become the cliché Jäger bomb.   
More great news for you booze hounds: You actually get to choose between a pint and a quart.  I generally opt for the latter.  Duh.
The crowd at Pints and Quarts is quite happy-go-lucky. There's usually a low-key band playing in the corner, or there's a DJ that spins the kind of Top 40 tunes that lead to seat dancing or, for some of the more gregarious, air guitar.
As you can imagine, its mystic 7-Eleven past means that it's not that big of a place, but I think that's what adds to the joint's success. Pints and Quarts is completely approachable. It's been packed every time I've been there, but there always seems to be a chair for everyone. 
Want to know what I consider to be one of Pints and Quarts' best attributes? There's this drop-dead, smokin' hot group of firefighters who frequent the place.  You can check them out in the firefighter calendar (that's SO dreamy) at My Pints and Quarts firefighter friends are about to promote and release the 2007 calendar.  The proceeds fund burn research to improve the lives of victims, so rather than just gawking at them at Pints and Quarts, you can support their cause, too.
There's another facet of Pints and Quarts that you might not know about - They serve great breakfast. Angela and I usually rock it there until closing time; then we head back in the morning (11 a.m.) for the standard breakfasts that are perfect for recapping, or rather, disparaging about the events from the night before.  Dare I mention the fact that one of our girlfriends accidentally made out with two guys in one night there, and they both had the same name? I'm purposely leaving the names out to protect the innocent (well, maybe innocent isn't the right word, but you know what I'm saying).
My recommendation - go to Lacey now.
I'm your pusher.
Pints and Quarts, 1230 College Ave., Lacey, (360) 438-9183

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