Get high at the Parkway Tavern

By weeklyvolcano on April 2, 2007

Last night I stumbled into the Parkway Tavern to have a tasty beer with my homegirl Emmalee, only to be completely floored upon arrival.

Each person who entered who hadn't been in a while did the exact same I did. They said, "HOLY CRAP!" and they looked up.

The Parkway recently removed their hanging ceiling and restored the high ceiling behind it with such beautiful craftsmanship and majestic rafters that I couldn't stop staring. The ceilings are so high now that voices are echoing all the way up it, which I think is cool because that matches the antique church door and windows that are now above the bar. I had had to fight with all of my might to not start singing the solo songs I used to perform in my Catholic school choir.

If you couple that with all of the work they've done to the rest of the establishment (a new bar and paint job, a new backroom with a fireplace and a plasma, blowing out the wall by the pool table where there's now a lineup of booths, landscaping work along the front of the building), this is without a doubt a brand new Parkway.

But don't worry, the beer selection is still perfect, the regulars are still jovial, Big D the bartender is still a big sweetheart, they still scream CORN when you order popcorn, and I still firmly believe that this is the best tavern in town. â€" Natasha