The Gossip sign to a major

By weeklyvolcano on April 3, 2007

For years, Olympia based label Kill Rock Stars has been known for impeccable taste.  With a roster that at one time or another has had The Decemberists, Sleater Kenny, Mary Lou Lord, and Elliott Smith; KRS has almost made a career out of nurturing young artists’ careers, only to see them leave for major labels.

Although major labels have been speaking to The Gossip for a while now, the band has resisted the urge to sign to a major unless the deal was right.  And hot off the heals of their break-out record, Standing in the Way of Control, it seemed like major-label interest was at a fever pitch, and the right situation would presented itself.

After four well-received records in five years, The Gossip is parting ways with Kill Rocks Stars to sign with Columbia Records subsidiary Music With A Twist.  Music With A Twist is being positioned as “the first major music label dedicated to identifying and developing lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered artists,” according to their press release.

The first Gossip-related release for Music With a Twist is a compilation, Revolutions, due out on April 17.  The Gossip has contributed its club hit “Standing in the Way of Control,” and will have a new album out on the Columbia subsidiary later this year. â€" Timothy Radar