Toward creating fairyopolis

By weeklyvolcano on April 4, 2007

Crescentmoongifts Yep, I’m still in fairy mode, ostensibly for the kid, though I seem to be getting more for myself, now that I’ve found a love for all things Crescent Moon Gifts at the Freighouse Square in Tacoma.

In the interest of organizational beauty, I had to break down and buy a couple of calendars â€" they were buy one get one free, after all; and in that process, I had to buy a couple (okay, four) candles, which came with affirmations to make their mysteriously good scents blend that much better. (OK, got the “creative” affirmation down â€" now to get the “be organized and timely” affirmation candle.)

Then there were the stones, a rose quartz, an amethyst, and a prosperity-scripted jade.
But lest you think I’m all about me when I shop, I offer this: For the kid, I bought a tooth fairy box that, sadly, the puppies destroyed as it apparently looked like a pig’s ear or bully stick.

Also purchased for the kid a coloring book that was cheap â€" er, inexpensive â€"and is her favorite to color in to date, as well as a book on the care and feeding of fairies, more or less, that came with figurines which, apparently, do not look like bully sticks or pigs ears.
Next purchase: a candle for the pups, with an “I will not eat inappropriate items” affirmation?