Whose line was it in Tacoma?

By weeklyvolcano on April 2, 2007

A man has molested a salmon while stealing a Wal-mart shopping cart, using Karen’s Playstation, and leaving behind fishnets and an abacus.

That man has no idea of what he’s done, and it’s up to his interrogator to leave him clues so that he can confess to the crime.

Eventually, using nebulous cues and body language, the “criminal” comes clean.

Welcome to an evening with Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood.

To a degree, the very enjoyable, hilarious evening felt scripted â€"or at the least, formulaic â€" despite the “improv” title.

But the formula works: it worked with Mochrie and Sherwood as they appeared in both of the "Whose Line is it Anyway?" shows â€" English and American â€" and it worked tonight.

The fans sitting in front of scribe Angie Jossy and me made the trek down from Seattle to view the two who could have been party to his marriage proposal â€" though his card wasn’t read during that performance.

The fans waiting after the show, for the chance to photograph Mochrie and Sherwood, left disappointed (the boys were whisked away via alien invasion, or something â€" they just sort of …disappeared) but not really.

The show was wicked smart, wicked funny, and wicked originalâ€"a wicked good use of a Sunday April Fool’s Day. â€" Jessica Corey-Butler