Chainsaw mix up

By weeklyvolcano on October 20, 2007

Sanford & Son Antiques' haunted house has been closed by the Tacoma Fire Marshall for violations.  Here's the word from Sanford & Son co-owner Cheryl Gorsuch:

    The Haunted House has been temp. closed. We will be opening back up on
    Wednesday the 24th of October.

    An " anonymous" phone call to the fire dept. stating that there was a
    chainsaw getting too close to the public had to be investigated.
    (there is no chainsaw in the haunted house)

    The fire inspector came to do his job. We have to remove a few pounds of
    plastic and add a few more extinguishers etc. We do not blame the fire

    I hope that you will find it in your hearts to forgive this inconvenience
    and that you will return on Wednesday . I apologize to all of the folks
    from Seattle that we had to turn away and the bus loads of Jr. High

    So, we all wonder who made that inaccurate phone call. We know it was
    someone who never went through the haunted house last night, but that is

    Again, We offer our most sincere and humble of apologies and would really
    like to make it up to you on Wednesday the 24th by having the best haunted
    house ever. (and the safest)

    Our very best to you all. Please repost this for us to reach as many folks
    as possible .

    Thank you very much,