Leap of the Day The Red Hot

By Volcano Staff on December 1, 2008


Jumping-Bandito-One We have our moments every December when we wish the Grinch would just go ahead and steal the holiday, leaving us to enjoy the final month of the year for its simpler pleasures: crisp weather, bright moons, butternut squash. But, like the Grinch, our cold hearts eventually warm every December when we catch of glimpse of Bandito Betty Lou Who â�" the leaping holiday minx who spreads cheers and good will â�" three feet above the ground â�" throughout Tacoma.

Ensure against your bah humbugs early this year by joining us daily on Spew for Bandito Betty Lou Who's "Leap of the Day." We have gone to great lengths to capture her daily leaps (we paid Steph DeRosa to stalk her).

What a gift. Twenty-four days of leaps. You are so welcome.

Feel free to rate her jumps or provide captions in the comments sections.