Toilet Tales: Kyoto

By weeklyvolcano on December 2, 2008


Toilet-Tales-Kyoto Last week Mr. DeRosa and I decided to escape on a mini-Thanksgiving vacation to Las Vegas.  We wouldn’t be attending the family dinner here in Tacoma, but I naturally felt a yearning to anticipate the family’s Thanksgiving needs while I was gone.  We have a friend who raises organic, local, free-range turkeys just for fun.  She offered to butcher one and sell it to us at an extremely low price.  Hell yeah!  Who wouldn’t want this?  I immediately called the family member who was supposed to be hosting the dinner and offered her this amazing deal.  She is a huge health-freak, and I was sure she would jump on such a great idea.  I didn’t have to do this, right?  I wasn’t even going to be here. But I tend to always think of other people and what they might need or what would make them happy.

The family member declined the turkey offer claiming she’d “rather buy a frozen one at the store.”  Wow.  Just, wow.  Seriously?

I thought about family drama and taking care of my own crap while in the bathroom at Kyoto Japanese Restaurant in Lakewood. Check out my thoughts on the Weekly Volcano Web site.