Morning Spew

By weeklyvolcano on October 9, 2009


This Stinks: Tacoma's dirty air ranks among 31 most-polluted places in U.S. (The News Tribune)

Buzz Kill: Prof. Jorge Gilbert filed a lawsuit against The Evergreen State College alleging defamation and discrimination based on his nationality. (The News Tribune)

Get Off My Lawn Police: Lakewood might add police team as a one-stop source for residents with public nuisance, code enforcement and other issues. (The News Tribune)

Obama Is Oslo-Bound: Man, Jimmy Carter must be pissed! (CNN)

Oh Yeah: Derivatives lobby links with new Democrats to blunt Obama plan. (Bloomberg)

Feds: Store gave porn, Viagra for food stamps. (Say What?)

The Brick Testament: The Bible retold in Lego. (Telegraph)

Watch NASA Blow Up The Moon Today