5 Things To Do: Roman Holiday, Kammermusik, Broken Embraces ...

By Michael Swan on January 15, 2010

FRIDAY, JAN. 15, 2010 >>>
1. Almodovar's passionate new film Broken Embraces is a voluptuary of a film, drunk on primary colors, caressing Penelope Cruz, using the devices of a Hitchcock to distract us with surfaces while the sinister uncoils beneath. It opens today at The Grand Cinema at 3, 5:50 and 8:30 p.m.
2. Bates Technical College's South Campus hosts Marilyn Strickland, the city's first female African-American mayor, and Harold Moss, Tacoma's first African-American mayor, for its Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration "Community: Past, Present and Future" at 11 a.m.
3. The Second City Chamber Series presents Lieder und Kammermusik featuring Schubert's Songs, Schönberg's Cabaret Songs, Brahms' Two Songs for Voice, and Viola and Piano, Op. 91, and two versions of Schubert's "Trout" Quintet at 7:30 p.m. inside Annie Wright School's Great Hall.
4. Over the River and Through the Woods opens at 7:30 p.m. inside the Tacoma Little Theatre.

5. Roman Holiday's build-up is tight and suspenseful, every chorus explodes, and every hook is more gigantic than the last. They release their new CD tonight at 8 p.m. inside the Liberty Theater in Puyallup.