Junk in Your Trunk

By Michael Swan on June 8, 2010


Stop rifling through your couch's cushions for pocket change: there isn't any, and the act of scavenging is rather unbecoming. Yes, I know - times are tough. When you opened your most recent mortgage statement it actually mocked you. But still, scouring the nether regions of your furniture for stray nickels is an act reserved for college students and meth heads, so really, back away from the sofa.

If you need a little payday, you might try looking closer at the stuff you've amassed over the years. You've always been curious about the history of your thrift store finds and family hand-me-downs; you suspect some of them might be bona fide collector's items. Start rummaging through your stuff for Sprinker Recreation Center's Junk In Your Trunk garage sale July 10.

Yes, Pierce County Parks is calling it Junk In Your Trunk. Their press release explains why:

Here's a new twist on the old garage sale.  Load up your trunk and sell your stuff from the back of your vehicle.  You bring the junk, we bring the people, July 10 at Sprinker Recreation Center, 14824 S. C St, Parkland/Spanaway.  The fee per vendor is $15 for a car/truck/van and $25 per RV/Camper.  Each vendor will be assigned one parking stall for parking and one stall to set up tables.  The event runs rain or shine between 9:00am-4:00pm.  Pre-registration required.  For more information call 253-798-4177 or www.piercecountywa.org/parks

So If your closet is bursting at the seams with dust-collecting clothes that fit 20 pounds ago, Junk In Your Trunk is a simpler way of getting dough for your duds than advertising them on eBay or the sad shrubbery in front of your apartment building.