Weekly Volcano Twitter Stalker

By Volcano Staff on August 9, 2010

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Just like most good, new-age, social media applications, Twitter allows people to share and be privy to once personal, almost wholly pointless information about peoples' lives. It's seemingly endless. While Twitter is mostly full of everyday, ho-hum people - just like you and me, sharing info about what type of oatmeal we ate for breakfast and where we get our hair cut - Twitter is also a magnet for the moderately-famous.

Stars of yesterday, illiterate millionaire athletes, former cast members of Saved By the Bell - you can follow them all, intimately, on Twitter.

But, you've got standards. We get that.

That's why we'll do it for you, in a feature we like to call Weekly Volcano Twitter Stalker.

Today, checking in with...

Fred Durst (Again! Because it's funny!)

Aug. 5: Fred Durst solicites for personal trainers via Twitter.

"Any decent trainer out there wanting to go on 10 wk tour with me, expense paid, and train with me? Boat leaves Aug 15 - hit me up" via Twittelator

Aug. 4: Fred Durst is part of a biker gang that includes that one guy from that one movie

"About to take off on our ride for aids research with William H Macy"

July 31: Just one more reason why it's cool to be backstage with da Bizkit - codpieces

"Backstage with @wesborland about to play in 30 min Syracuse rockfest."

July 28: Fred Durst is watching you...

"I just saw a very pretty girl eat a booger while watching Inception. Couldn't believe it. From nose to finger to mouth in 5 secs. Gross."

Tune in tomorrow for more hot Twitter Stalking action from the Weekly Volcano