IN THEIR WORDS: Eight reasons to attend Sunday's Radio8Ball show in Tacoma

By Volcano Staff on August 2, 2010


The Radio8Ball Show is a musical talk/game show based upon the concept of synchronicity. The format is simple and unique. Guests and audience members ask questions to The Pop Oracle. The answers are divined by spinning a wheel or picking a card that determines which song the musical guest will perform as the answer to the question. Speakeasy Arts Cooperative is bringing Radio8Ball with singer-songwriter Jerin Falkner to Tacoma on Sunday, Aug. 8. We asked R8B host and creator Andras Jones for eight reasons why people should attend.

  1. Synchronicity makes you lucky! They say the key to being lucky is the ability to recognize and appreciate your luck. That's what synchronicity does. It's a clue that we are in the right place at the right time. By engaging The Pop Oracle we train the part of our mind that recognizes synchronicity to recognize it more often.
  2. Synchronicity is sexy! We're not saying that Radio8Ball will get you laid but there is a reason that words like fate, serendipity and kismet are all associated with erotic love. When we get that tingling sensation that we are in the right place at the right time the people around us look that much more attractive. Like beer goggles for the soul.
  3. Synchronicity makes music better! You know how it is. You'll be driving in your car thinking about things in your life when a song comes on by an artist you didn't think you liked but the sentiments in the song jibe so completely with your inner experience that you actually listen to it in a whole new way, and you love it! We love creating a venue where songwriters get listened to like this and Jerin Falkner is the perfect artist for this show. Great lyrics. Soulful melodies. A generous spirit. By the end of the night you'll want her CD (if you don't already have it.)
  4. Synchronicity makes you the star! This is a participatory show. If your question is chosen you'll be onstage with me and our musical guest.  The cameras will be rolling, the tapes will be set to record, and our photographer will have you in their sites. The show will be re-broadcast on local cable and, for fifteen minutes, Your Question will be everyone's question. Plus you'll get a prize from one of our sponsors.
  5. Synchronicity doesn't make mistakes! It's not a meaningless coincidence that Radio8Ball comes to Tacoma as a Speakeasy Arts Cooperative project. The cosmic cats and art rebels at Speakeasy are stirring up some major "magick" downtown and if you are a creative person there is probably something for you to gain from aligning with your future friends at Speakeasy Arts Cooperative.
  6. Synchronicity is an invitation! If you are reading this there is a chance that you have even more to contribute to Radio8Ball then your $5 at the door, your questions and your good attention. We are building an entertainment juggernaut in your backyard and we need creative people who are inspired by synchronicity to be a part of it. Film artists, musicians, photographers, graphic designers, potential sponsors and promoters are all needed. We are also looking for energetic healer types who enjoy working with crowds.
  7. Synchronicity can make you seem or feel CRAZY! That's where I come in. I've been working with The Pop Oracle for more than 12 years. I have indulged in its excesses and learned from its sometimes brutally unforgiving mirror. Ultimately, I can tell you that The Pop Oracle, like life, is VERY generous. My job as host is to help you appreciate this generosity, stay grounded, and keep a sense of humor about the whole thing.
  8. Synchronicity is NOW. Seriously, right now, look around you and listen to what's playing in the air or in your head. Synchronicity isn't a sporadic phenomenon. It's a constant and sometimes we notice it. I hope you come out to our show Sunday so we can share synchronicity together but even if you don't I invite you to play with this powerful medium by asking a question and then making or letting something random happen. I've been doing it for years and I still get surprised every day.
  9. Radio8Ball Show

    Sunday, Aug. 8, 7-10 p.m., $5
    Speakeasy Arts Cooperative, 746 Broadway St., Tacoma