SHOUT OUT: Last night's Radio8Ball

By Steve Dunkelberger on August 9, 2010


Some people carry lucky coins or rabbits feet, while others consult tarot cards and psychics. Still others leave their fates to "chance" and "karma."

That is the basis behind the Radio8Ball show, which taped two episodes last night at Speakeasy Arts Cooperative as a first try of what might become a monthly gig for the venue.

Hosted by Andras Jones, who mixes live music and the powers of the universe, the show has a simple premise: Audience members ask the gods of chance and fate a question that weighs on their hearts, flip a coin and let the divination commence. The answers to their questions come randomly "or not so randomly" from songs the live musicians play based on a spin of a wheel or a pick of a card.

Last night's show did not disappoint. The gripping lyrics of singer/songwriter Jerin Falkner brought ponderous thoughts, laughs and a few striking moments.

Guests asked questions that ranged from concerns about trusting their guts, romance and future careers. Each song seemed to lead to an answer. Battersea frontman Eric Reidar, for example, asked if he would be married in five years. The song the fates picked for Falkner to play fluttered with romance.

That can't be a bad sign.