ON THE SCENE: Tacoma's Sonic Drive-In opening

By Steph DeRosa on August 10, 2010


Down in Texas, where this resident lush hails from, Sonic America's Drive-Ins are scattered everywhere. To me, another Sonic grand opening is not a big deal. Maybe Tacoma is bored, but for some reason this city is apeshit crazy over a fast food joint taking up space in a Kmart parking lot.  For this, I must do my part as a transformed Tacoman and report back to my editors with Sonic's opening day pictures.

What I do love about Sonic - and is my very favorite part of any Sonic visit - are the cherry/lime "Famous Slushes."  Mmmmm!  Nothing beats a blistery 97 degree/99 percent humidity day down in the asscrack of Houston, Texas like a huge Sonic cherry/lime Slush spiked with vodka.  Of course, those kind of days aren't as abundant up here in the Pacific Northwest, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little vodka/Slush concoction every once in a while. 

Seeing as how Sonic is a traditional drive-in (with food hops on skates and everything!), I would not recommend partaking in my Slush/vodka suggestion while in the Sonic parking lot.  Be smart and take it home. Don't drink and drive, Tacoma.