Snoopity snoop snoop

By Volcano Staff on December 3, 2010


If you're one of those people who lock themselves in the bathroom when you go to parties at other people's houses so you can go through their medicine cabinets in peace, the 2010 Holiday Tour of Historic Homes is the ideal way to indulge your voyeuristic habit. You get the fix of going through another person's house, with none of the actual risk or guilt involved. Snoopy people of the world, come. Nine historic properties in the south capitol, southeast and northeast areas of Olympia - they're practically begging you to look at their stuff - go through them, all of them, memorize their floor plans to your little heart's content. The time has come to live the dream ... and help out Olympia's historic Bigelow House where the money raised will help with its repairs.

2010 Holiday Tour of Historic Homes

Sunday, Dec. 5, noon-4 p.m., $15, includes frees dessert and coffee
Bigelow House Museum, 918 Glass Ave., Olympia

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