The Weekend Hustle: The Cash Flow Show III, Doxology, Sounds of the Season, plus the boring lives of our writers

By Michael Swan on December 2, 2010



Friday: Partly sunny, hi 46, lo 33

Saturday: Partly sunny, hi 43, lo 34

Sunday: Partly sunny, noticing a pattern here, hi 55, lo 38


This year marks Cash Flow Show III, but the package is as tight as ever. Local artists you know and love, slinging a bounty of artistic goodness priced at $25 or less, will set up shop and give you an even better-than-normal excuse to skip the malls: Help Grit City's creative types enjoy a holiday season that includes more than pocket lint and Top Ramen. Because, you know, you're supporting their work with actual money. It's a win-win.


The Revolution is coming. No, I'm not talking about when anarchy takes control, the roads devolve into some sort of Mad Max scenario and R.R. Anderson finally gets the recognition he deserves; rather, I'm talking about Doxology's new record, The Revolution, which the band will officially celebrate the release of Saturday at Jazzbones. Always, ALWAYS a crowd pleaser, there's simply no reason Doxology's brand of ear-friendly, modern, new school pop rock shouldn't steal the show and carry the night. Put simply, Doxology, led by frontman Luke McPherson, is the kind of band the ultra-cool may not have the balls to endorse, but there's no doubt the band has mastered its craft and has all the tools necessary to sweat up the dance floor. Expect a lot of bodies, and a lot of new tunes from a band Tacoma has shown definite affection for in the past. 


Fight as you may, it's officially "the season." Kids are already sitting on various Santa laps at malls across the country, and A Christmas Story is probably already re-running on TBS. The Tacoma Symphony Orchestra and Chorus will spend Saturday and Sunday at the Pantages Theater doling out "beloved" seasonal music, a few "familiar classics" and a maxed-out credit card full of sing-along enjoyment for the whole family. Here's one holiday favorite undeserving of a bah humbug.


MATT DRISCOLL Editor (aka - the guy to blame)
So much to do, so little time ... We've got a birthday party for a four year old to attend Saturday afternoon - which jibes nicely with the Apple Cup, let me tell you what. The parents at our fancy preschool just don't give football the respect it deserves. After that, we'll Christmas tree hunt, purchase pallets of stuff at Costco, run to Fife so I can buy cigarettes, write letters to Santa, avoid the malls, and generally lay low - in no particular order. Sunday evening I'll be stopping by the Northwest Convergence Zone Podcast to catch up with Darrell Fortune and the gang once again - my monthly appearance on the show to pimp the Cup Check column.

Friday night I'll hangout with tattoo types at the Blue Mouse Theatre getting loaded on rum punch and learning about the life of Sailor Jerry, the aesthetic vanguard who valued and embraced the mastery of Japanese tattooing. Saturday, after I wrestle with outdoor Christmas lights, the Lovely Kate and I will check out Kim Archer at Maxwell's Speakeasy, then head over to the Girl Trouble Christmas Show at the New Frontier to see how the holiday season is treating KP's physique. I hope the band will hurl Wig Out magazines into the crowd. Sunday, I'll drop by the Friends of the Holidays show at The Swiss.

REV. ADAM MCKINNEY Features Writer
Friday, I'll probably be seeing Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry at the Blue Mouse. It is advertised as being 21+, which I hope means that there will be lots of rum available. Afterward, I'll hustle (pun!) on down to the New Frontier for the Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside show. She was a definite highlight at Squeak & Squawk, so I'm excited to see her again. As for the rest of the weekend, I can assure you that booze will be involved.

NIKKI TALOTTA Features Writer
This Saturday my baby boy is turning five! Lots of craziness going down at Chuck E Cheeses. Cake, pizza, creepy mechanical rock show, and the newest edition - a booth where the birthday kid can try and catch as many flying tickets as possible. If I survive the birthday bash, Sunday promises an adult shindig worth celebrating! My work X-mas party - where fancy clothes, family style Italian dinner, red wine and secret Santas all come together in a glorious gathering of love and mayhem. Cheers!

JOANN VARNELL Theater Critic
After my first 3 days of post maternity-leave work I'll be attending the Beautiful Angle holiday party/fundraiser at King's books on Friday night. Then I plan to sit with my son by the fire, drink cider and bask in the glow of Christmas tree lights. Also on the docket is a nap, shopping for our annual Christmas tree ornaments and pretending I'm just a wee more exciting.

JENNIFER JOHNSON: Lifestyle/Leisure Writer
A Christmas Carol at ACT Theatre in Seattle Friday. Saturday morning I'm taking advantage of free admission for Bank of America account holders day at Tacoma Art Museum followed by violin holiday concert and Festival of the Nativity that night. Sunday I'll go back to TAM for a little bit of Winterfest before heading to church.

Well, Weekly Volcano, I'm glad you asked.  I have two rehearsals for TLT's Frost/Nixon this week, as I'm playing Bob Zelnick.  Friday is my girlfriend's office Christmas party, so I plan to behave myself (at least more than her boss).  Saturday I'm seeing Blood Relations in the Midnight Sun, and Sunday afternoon it's off to OLT for Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol.

STEVE DUNKELBERGER Meat Market Correspondent
I will be out and about with the kiddos with a possible trip to the Blue Mouse Theater Saturday to see "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole."

I am so busy this weekend that there is a possibility my head will explode.  Friday night Kate Swarner and I will be prepping gingerbread houses on Joint Base Lewis-McChord for the Children's Museum of Tacoma's annual Gingerbread Jamboree.  Saturday Kate and I will return bright and early with our friend Lindsey to JBLM for a day full of frosting, candy, and glorious gingerbread house decorating with families who have loved ones out of the country for the holidays.  Saturday evening we will attend yet another birthday party (I should buy stock in Barbies), and Sunday my family will be attending the original Gingerbread Jamboree at Hotel Murano without me because I will be workin' at my favorite beer store, 99 Bottles!  I'm hoping to annoy my new 99 Bottles co-workers by overusing the beer phrase "brew-ha-ha".  Let's see how long it takes.

Going to see "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" at Lakewood Playhouse.

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