This week's Volcano music section

By Volcano Staff on December 3, 2010


If you haven't already picked up the brand-spankin' new issue of the Weekly Volcano that hit streets yesterday, well, shame on you.

Luckily, you still have time to regroup. Here's a sneak peak at the goodness in store inside this week's Volcano music section ...

Dick Dale returns to Hell's Kitchen

"I play the guitar like I play the drums, which was my original instrument," guitar god and trained martial artist, Dick Dale, reveals. "In a Shaolin temple, they never allow you to touch the skin of a drum for five years, until you can tongue what you're going to play. When you learn through tonguing, it actually tattoos muscle memory on your brain with your mouth, through your hands ... I do everything on the one beat, and that's how the Shaolins do it."

Hot Panda and joyous booty shaking

"[Before starting Hot Panda] I did more theater stuff," says Hot Panda's Chris Connelly. "I did improv, and I did some comedy, and went to film school - just dabbled in a lot of different arty things for a while, and only decided to try music last. I think it's worked the best so far."

The power of mixtapes

"Mixtapes show if you can rap or not," Gazmo the Gr8 explains. He hopes that his mixtapes will generate such a buzz that when his album comes out there will already be a demand. "One day when I put out an album there will be x amount of people who say, ‘Oh I already know Gazmo. He's straight. I can buy that.'"


Always, ALWAYS a crowd pleaser, there's simply no reason Doxology's brand of ear-friendly, modern, new school pop rock shouldn't steal the show and carry the night. Expect a lot of bodies, and a lot of new tunes from a band Tacoma has shown definite affection for in the past. - Matt Driscoll