MOVIE BIZZ BUZZ: Olympia Awesome Film Festival

By Volcano Staff on March 1, 2011


The first-ever Olympia Awesome Film Festival has hit an unawesome snag. Months ago, the fest's organizers booked The Loft on Cherry for their inaugural daylong screening of cool cinema. Graphics, invitations and video advertisements all went out. Then on Feb. 18, OAFF received word that their chosen venue would close on the first of March, just four days shy of the event.

"It really kind of knocked the wind out of my sails," recalls Ken Carlson upon hearing the news. As co-founder of Mutually Assured Productions, a seven-member film collective that conceived OAFF, Carlson and his cohorts must now quickly regroup after a blitzkrieg marketing campaign initiated last October. The Loft management has assisted in finding this festival a new home; some current options include The Olympia Ballroom and the Eagles Grand Ballroom. Carlson now expects a triumphant debut for the Olympia Awesome Film Festival in early April.

This somewhat last-minute change of plans at least gives filmmakers more time to submit their works. OAFF has extended the original Feb. 18 deadline to March 25. The rules are simple: a short under 15 minutes, any genre, narratives preferred. Visit to get all the submission instructions.

Patience, Olympians - a fresh batch of awesomeness arrives soon. Find OAFF on Facebook for the most up-to-date info.