Mardi Gras senior citizen style

By Molly Gilmore on March 2, 2011


When I lived in Biloxi, Miss. (which, by the way, is pronounced "bih-LUCK-see), Mardi Gras was a very big deal.

There were parades (without the toplessness of New Orleans). There were beaded necklaces and clothes in purple, green and gold. There were tooth-achingly sweet king cakes with plastic babies baked inside. (Getting the baby in your slice was considered good fortune - and it meant you were obligated to buy the next day's cake.)

Heck, the newspaper I worked for even gave us the day off from work ... instead of Martin Luther King Day.

It is a festival of debauchery - whether that means a wild party or simply eating lots of sugar and flour before giving them up for Lent.

Here in South Sound, this festival of excess passes with little recognition. However, you can celebrate by dining out.

Senior Services for South Sound's annual "Fat Tuesday Feast for Seniors" happens all day Tuesday, March 8.

Participating restaurants donate (a percentage of profits or a flat donation) to Senior Services to go to help at-risk, low-income and disabled seniors.

For a list of participating restaurants, go to here.