Shout Out: Big Wheel Stunt Show

By Ron Swarner on January 22, 2012


The Big Wheel Stunt Show, the Tacoma rock band Weekly Volcano Editor Matt Driscoll interviewed in this week's issue, rocked a medium-sized crowd last night at Hell's Kitchen. If you have seen the band perform before, you no doubt had to elbow your way to the front. The weather came into play at the all-ages show that included my new favorite garage/surf band, Dungeon Science. The only elbow I had to dodge came from the booze monitor in front of the bathroom.

Thankfully the crowd size didn't affect Big Wheel's enthusiasm. While some of us stood, some of us sat, some of us took pictures with a crappy camera and some of us pumped our fists, the band rocked it.

The Big Wheel Stunt show guitarist and frontman Evan Nagle

The Big Wheel Stunt Show drummer Justin Gimse

The Big Wheel Stunt Show bassist Jake Melius

Nagle rocks DJ Darren Selector.

Dungeon Science